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 · Can I use 3/4" (crushed/angular) gravel under a concrete pad? The pad is 5x5ft. I'll pour 6" concrete over 6" of ??. I'm using #3 rebar. I have a lot of this gravel, and also unsorted sand, so I'm hoping one of those options are ok to use?

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 · Choosing Best Gravel For Concrete Pad I've used pebble gravel (the rounded off gravel) which I would think provides the best drainage but also used a 5/7 gravel. can 5/7 always be used or can crush and run be used in some settings?

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A concrete slab is going to be way more expensive than a gravel pad, but this is not why we would say get a gravel pad. Water will just rest on a concrete pad vs. a gravel pad and especially the 3/4" gravel pad which will let water drain right through the foundation helping protect your building

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Concrete is made up of cement and water plus an aggregate composed of sand and gravel. The sand and gravel do more than act as filler, though. The size and amount of gravel added to a bag of concrete also determines the product's volume, strength, and durability.

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 · Best Answer: ok, all of the previous answers are partially correct in different ways. Conventional wisdom, for a residential garage use, is 6" of a mix of number 5 and number 7 limestone. the soil should be compacted prior to placement of the limestone gravel.

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1. Excavate the soil to a depth of 8 inches, allowing 4 inches for the gravel base and 4 inches for the concrete slab. The soil should be graded, or sloped, so the excavation site's center is .

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